Blog of the Reanimator

*hrrrggh harrrgh*

From the depths of the internet I’ve decided to resurrect this blog.  I’ve dragged it from the abyss of faded memory and half assed posting to once again attempt some semblance journaling. I’m in tumblr pretty much completely now,  but as a blogging platform it’s lacking.  One thing,  I can type faster on WordPress and it doesn’t lag all to shit like tumblr when you open  a text post.

That platform is not designed for discourse, despite attempts by its users to change that.

I’ve no idea the mission statement for this blog.  Other than the title.  I’m aiming to bring some positivity into my life and try and enjoy the journey. So this might end up being a mishmash of all kinds of stuff.  We’ll see.

Till then,  take care.

It’s gonna be okay.