Progress report?

2016-06-17 21.14.00

Fitbit stuff
Walk to Mordor Progress:
 243.57 km or 152.2 miles
Weekly Steps for June 12-18th: 82,935 (up 14,567 from last week
Hills/Floors: 166


Where the Road then Takes me (Hobbit fanfic): Chapter 9 is ready to be posted, Rough draft of chapter 10 is ready and needs stupid amounts of editing. Don’t even get me started on chapters 11-13
Edge of Life (original, working title): Outlined and started
WRTM Word count:  131,895/230k for part one
EoL Word Count: 1295/100k


Both writing and fitness are slow battles. They require motivation, but more importantly they require discipline. I don’t always have either. Somedays I scratch out my step count and scribble 100 words and it’s all I can manage. Other times I have days where I can get 17,000 steps and do yoga and have to chase the muses while they scatter words and ideas in their wake. It’s hard and it’s not always fun, but it’s rewarding and it’s worth it. Between writing, walking, and my transition I’m revamping a lot of my life. I’m not aiming for overnight success, I’m doing this for a lasting change.

I don’t want to stop. I want this to be the norm. I want these changes to keep happening and I want to show that with concerted effort even small changes day to day add to the broader picture. So I will keep writing fanfiction and I will keep writing my original works, and I will keep walking and doing yoga and taking care of all of me.



Fitbit and A Walk to Mordor


That which can be measured can be managed. I wish I knew who said that, but it has been often quoted by my father. And sadly he’s not wrong. Two and a half weeks ago I decided to spend the money and got a fitbit. It has, in the last three weeks given me the opportunity to see how my activity sets up in the run of a day and I’m more motivated to increase not only my steps but my distance.

This brings me to geekdom and the above picture. There is a challenge here called the walk to rivendell and Beyond challenge. It’s basically the distances travelled by Frodo and the fellowship to Mordor and beyond. There is even a hobbit challenge.

I’m doing this. I’m going to walk to Mordor and Back. I don’t know how long it will take me. I don’t know if it will take a year or more or if I can do it faster, the point right now is I have goals that I can set. I’m taking my start date as the day I purchased the fitbit, May 13 2016.

Current Distance: 116.53 km 72.8 miles
Location within Middle Earth: Crickhollow
Plan for tomorrow: Match today’s 9 km and aim for 10.16 km (15000 steps)

The location of that is a little fiddly, if I follow the hobbit one that means I’ll be in Bree. That’s if I push it and go to 85 miles. That would require 12.2 miles or 19.63 km completed tomorrow. almost double my longest distance. We shall see what the day brings. If I can’t do it and I don’t get to the full 12.2 miles I’ll be somewhere in the Barrow-Downs. Crap.

You’ll be getting reports from this with each blog post. Some kind of accountability.


S’all for now,