It’s been a busy week

I’ve been getting so much the past couple of weeks, but I haven’t really had time to do much of anything.  I have been pretty busy with school, so being on the computer has played second fiddle to knitting.
So far I’ve been pretty productive, I have finished two hats, a pair of mittens, started a cable scarf [my first cable pattern] and I’m currently working on my first sweater.  I had actually finished more projects this month than in the last year combined.
The sweater I’m knitting, is from the cherie-amour on, from our fall 2007 collection.  If a scene a bit distracted, it’s because I am currently using the speech recognition feature of my laptop, because I cannot stop what the needles down.  So far, I’m on a row 15 of 33 of the lace pattern in one.
Hopefully, I will have pictures up very soon of the sweater and also of the other finished objects.  In other news, I have an abscessed tooth, that is currently giving me fits.  I saw my Dr. This morning, and he gave me a prescription, thankfully the painkillers are actually helping.  The problem is, I’m in pain and talking makes it worse.
So I’m going to leave you all with this, and feel free to check out my Ravelry page I have a few pictures up there.



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