Scarves and why I hate them.

So this is my new knitting blog. First a brief introduction. My name is Ryan, and I’ve been knitting for a little over a year. As you can probably guess by my title I’ve been knitting a lot of scarves. In fact that’s probably all I’ve been knitting since I began last year.

They’re a great beginner project, but I don’t know, I guess my main problem with them is that that they’re not a quick project. You’re stuck doing the same pattern for what seems an eternity.

I suppose they’re great for gifts (especially since I live in such a frigid climate). But I always come back to hating them. It took me eight months to finish me cousin’s scarf. And I’m stalled on my friends.

Overall I’m in a scarf rut. I want to try something bigger, a sweater or blanket maybe? But I’m worried I’m not skilled enough for a sweater and while I have started a blanket, I have to frog some of it all ready because the stitches are bunching on one corner.

Can anyone tell me how to pick up a selvage edge? I’m swimming in uncharted territory.


One thought on “Scarves and why I hate them.

  1. Uh oh… sounds like you need a push to get outta this rut!you should come to knitting again and we’ll help you get started on new projects. how do you feel about toques?

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