Blog of the Reanimator

*hrrrggh harrrgh*

From the depths of the internet I’ve decided to resurrect this blog.  I’ve dragged it from the abyss of faded memory and half asked posting to once again attempt some semblance journaling. I’m in tumblr pretty much completely now,  but as a blogging platform it’s lacking.  One thing,  I can type faster on WordPress and it doesn’t lag all to shit like tumblr when you open  a text post.

That platform is not designed for discourse, despite attempts by its users to change that. 

I’ve no idea the mission statement for this blog.  Other than the title.  I’m aiming to bring some positivity into my life and try and enjoy the journey. So this might end up being a mishmash of all kinds of stuff.  We’ll see.

Till then,  take care. 

It’s gonna be okay.

Picture Day Two. And a story


Not my picture for today, though the one requires a bit of a story. This was taken January 2, 2011. It was damn cold outside, but the sun was gorgeous and I wanted to take advantage of it so I could get a few clear shots of my yarn. My father was “yardman” the last two days. Basically he puts on a pair of shorts. Yes you read that right, shorts, in minus 8 degree weather with the wind chill, a sweatshirt, and his gardening gloves and plays in his garden. This is what he came up with. It’s pretty and aesthetically pleasing on it’s own, but the meaning behind it is something else.

Since 2008 my father has lost both his brothers to cancer. Both lived away during their illness, and I can only imagine the helplessness my father felt during the last two years. Each statue represents a brother, a memory never to be forgotten. I was lucky with the sun. I didn’t plan the composition at all. Dad just asked if I would take a picture so he could send it to his sister.


A week later this is what our backyard looks like. It’s it buried under ten centimetres of snow. I didn’t even brave the cold today except to get painkillers this morning. I seem to be saddled with an infected tooth. It is driving me nutty. I need to go to my dentist tomorrow morning or if I can’t sleep the ER tonight sometime and get some relief. I think I can make it to the morning. Right now, I think I’m going to make another pot of tea, settle down on the couch and watch some TV, and knit. Cross-posted, because I’m like that.

It’s that time again

That time of year when I attempt to resurrect this blog in the hope of actually writing exclusively about knitting. Each year I’m a little more experienced, a little wiser. Each year I have such amazing expectations I’m seriously doomed to fail. Last year I was unhappy with blogspot in general, so I tried wordpress. That failed miserably, though at the time, I think all my blogs suffered. I found a life hiding in the real world and started focusing on that. I haven’t really lost that life, I just have a bit of spare time now and I’m actually focusing on my knitting.

A lot of things have changed since I started this blog a few years ago. One, I don’t really hate scarves anymore. I figured out the reason why I originally hated them. It’s like making a dishcloth, that never fricking ends. So I figured out I like scarves that are interesting, knit on the diagonal, or knit from end to end with 200 plus sts on the needles. It’s exciting and sometimes freakishly boring, but each stitch is progress, and it looks like progress.

I apologize for the craptacular photos, I can’t seem to find my camera, anywhere so I’m stuck with my phone until I can get a new one.

Below is Punk Ruffles, knit in Cascade 220 in Black and Purple Heathers. It took about a week to knit, and was wonderful. I love it.



This hat, was knit in Hand Maiden Casbah sock yarn in Marble Mountain. The pattern is Snowdrop Hat, knit in the large pattern. It doesn’t fit my head right, so this is to be a gift.

I do have a few things on the needles. I’m working on Podster Gloves for a cousin of mine. I’m also working on test knitting a pair of fingerless mitts for Test knitters on Ravelry.

In other news I’ve been on a raverly binge lately. I’m working on getting things set up for the new year to start a new batch of projects. I have a plan (ha!) to start knitting gifts early. And get in the habit of knitting as often as possible. I’m creating a bit of a gift box, and keeping all projects small with a few big ones interspersed to keep things interesting. I’ve got a few things from this year to either frog or finish. Once I find them all I’ll post them. I really need to find my camera, I can’t seem to find it anywhere I’ve been looking all over for it. I suppose it’s time to do a major clean up and really find it.

Okay, now I have to start getting ready. I’m working four hours tonight, and I need to clean the kitchen and get things squared away before I go. Also I want to finish that first mitt for the test pattern. Almost finished. Smile

Happy holidays everyone, I hope to have another post up before Christmas, but this is a busy week and I can’t promise anything.

So many wonderful things!

So since the last time I posted several things have happened. One, I’m finished classes until January. I passed my courses with flying colours and I’m still thoroughly in love with being a nurse. Two, I started my first sweater. It’s not finished yet, mostly because I got bored after knitting for two weeks straight on one project. 

Three. I started two pairs of socks. The Up North booth Socks, and the Thuja socks. Both are in the same place. I couldn’t finished them without more yarn which I just purchased yesterday.

Four deserves an entry all it’s own. Right now I will leave you with Sammy on the coffee table.


Sam and knitting 005

It’s been a busy week

I’ve been getting so much the past couple of weeks, but I haven’t really had time to do much of anything.  I have been pretty busy with school, so being on the computer has played second fiddle to knitting.
So far I’ve been pretty productive, I have finished two hats, a pair of mittens, started a cable scarf [my first cable pattern] and I’m currently working on my first sweater.  I had actually finished more projects this month than in the last year combined.
The sweater I’m knitting, is from the cherie-amour on, from our fall 2007 collection.  If a scene a bit distracted, it’s because I am currently using the speech recognition feature of my laptop, because I cannot stop what the needles down.  So far, I’m on a row 15 of 33 of the lace pattern in one.
Hopefully, I will have pictures up very soon of the sweater and also of the other finished objects.  In other news, I have an abscessed tooth, that is currently giving me fits.  I saw my Dr. This morning, and he gave me a prescription, thankfully the painkillers are actually helping.  The problem is, I’m in pain and talking makes it worse.
So I’m going to leave you all with this, and feel free to check out my Ravelry page I have a few pictures up there.


New Project: Booga Bag

Sam and knitting 017
I started the Booga Bag last night. Very simple pattern, though I had to learn how to pick up a selvedge edge pretty quickly.
The yarn I’m using is Sean Sheep, in either hero tones or armytage, I’m not sure. The main colour is bark, and I’m using natural for two bands one on the bottom edge and one on the top edge.
Sam and knitting 025
I don’t think the bag is going to felt very well. Acrylic yarns never do, or so I’ve heard, but it should block properly and will still be awesome even if it doesn’t felt.
I’ll post more photos as I continue the project.